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In 2009, Tonto Hills property owners approved the creation of an assessment district to acquire the operating assets and 100-year water rights held by a private water utility.  In 2010, each of 227 Tonto Hills parcels (now 225 due to combining four parcels into two) were assessed $3,600 and the Tonto Hills Domestic Water Improvement District (THDWID) took over potable water delivery responsibilities for Tonto Hills.  Some parcel owners have paid the assessment in full, while others elected installment payments.  Parcel owners can pay off remaining assessment balances at any time. Installment payors are charged interest and fees.  Assessment billings are rendered annually on May 1 and November 1.

For information on a specific parcel’s assessment status, please contact THDWID at [email protected].  Please provide the parcel number, indicate your relationship to the property (prospective buyer, realtor, escrow agent, etc.), and allow up to 7 days for a reply.

The homeowners’ association is the Tonto Hills Improvement Association (THIA) and is a separate entity from the THDWID.  The THIA website is  For information on annual THIA dues and property transfers, contact Kathleen Kuchta at [email protected], THIA Treasurer.  The phone number is 815-482-8439.

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